Experience efficiency and productivity with task automation.

¿Automation in Talent Assessment?

Automations can be very useful in a human resources department as they help to streamline and simplify many of the tasks and processes related to talent assessment.

TalentSuite allows you to create an infinite number of fully customised automations to improve the efficiency and productivity of your team.

To do so, TalentSuite makes use of its API and connections with providers we collaborate with such as Integromat or Zapier, being able to create any automatic procedure.

The main idea of this functionality is to save time in companies and stop performing repetitive tasks that do not contribute anything and that, on many occasions, demotivate the people who perform them.

We can create automations that execute 2, 4 or 20 tasks, there is no limit. Moreover, they can be programmed on specific days and times and can be connected to hundreds of systems or software available on the market.

Some advantages of implementing automation in your talent assessment
  • Time saving: Forget about time-consuming tasks and manual effort. This allows HR employees to focus on more important and value-added tasks.

  • Increased accuracy: By automating tasks, human error is less likely to occur, increasing the accuracy and efficiency of work.

  • Greater flexibility: TalentSuite allows you to create customised workflows and adapt them to the specific needs of your department. This allows for greater flexibility and adaptability to change.

  • Increased security: Human errors that could compromise the security of the HR department’s information are less likely to occur.
And these are real cases from some of our customers
  • Workflow that automatically collects results from TalentSuite and aggregates them into a spreadsheet that in turn feeds into an e-Learning platform where results are uploaded to each learner’s records..
  • Sending reminders to appraisers to complete the performance appraisal and to alert HR managers of any delays.
  • Automatic sending of invitation with video conference invitation to Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom. Recording of results in Excel and sending of the report after 3 days via e-mail.
  • Notification with a message via Whatsapp, with the results of the assessment and the action plan developed by the team leader. In addition, uploading of results to Factorial HR.