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Evaluation of the Participant

Participant evaluation sheet

In this small view we have concentrated all the necessary tools to carry out the evaluation of a participant. Everything within reach of a single click!

Participant Portal

You will be able to share with the evaluated one single link with which he will have access to all the tests and exercises. In addition, you can activate and deactivate tests at your whim or according to the agenda of the day.

Tests, exercises and documents

You will have a battery of tests that the participant must carry out. Remember that these tests and their content are up to you! You will be able to see the state in which they are found (done or not done) and individually share each of the links if you wish.

Consultant Evaluation

Access for each of the evaluators you have defined. From here, the professional will be able to evaluate skills, behaviors, abilities, indicators… The possibilities are endless!

Process Results

You will see the results in real time, you will be able to write the report with qualitative comments or recommendations and preview the individual report of the participant. These options will allow you to close the process quickly and easily.

Real time results

At all times, during the evaluation process, you can consult any result visually (graphs, tables…), test results, skills, knowledge test… TalentSuite makes everything easy and accessible so you don’t have to make any calculations or resort to other sources of information or tools. In addition, you can easily download all the graphs in image format and share them wherever and with whomever you want.

Support documentation

From this space, you can directly access the necessary documentation for the evaluator (guides, manuals, agenda…) and for the participant. In addition, we give you the possibility that you can share them with third parties through a link and, if you wish, activate the “protected sharing” functionality so that the link or the information is not spread, beyond the person to whom is directed (participant or external evaluator)

Matrix of competences
and tests

This view is really interesting and practical. It will help you see and understand, at a quick glance, how the process is set up and structured. The matrix is a key element in any competency assessment. TalentSuite builds it and makes it available to you whenever you want.

Photo of the participant

Do you want the results report to be a little more personal?


You can use this functionality to upload a photo of the participant and have it appear in the report, or simply to have a view and visually identify all your professionals.


TalentSuite allows you to upload the photo and crop it. Everything is easy!

Participant Documentation

Sometimes we need to attach to the evaluation process, external documentation, psychometric test reports, certificates, contracts… This is the space for it. But not only that!


You can share an upload link to the participant, so that he can upload what you have requested: Video interviews, presentations, documentation, diplomas, resumes… Everything will be filed in the participant’s file and accessible at any time.

Export results from Excel

In TalentSuite all the results are focused on being very visual and easy to read and interpret, but sometimes you will need to have all that information in an Excel file to process it, send it or print it in the form of a list.


With this functionality you will be able to export everything to Excel and with all kinds of details.


You will not miss anything!

Report repository

If you want to access all the reports that have been generated for the participants, you have a very simple way to do it. TalentSuite allows you to organize all the PDF reports grouped by calls. In addition, you can view the photos, results and documentation of the participant. As an extra, you can share this repository with other people (customers, team leaders, CEOs, etc.) so that they can consult the reports whenever they want.

Work area

If you have a high volume of evaluations, this functionality will help you maintain order on the processes that require your action, you can easily access the participant, view the pdf report or, if necessary, you can write the report from there. Anything that makes your job easier, we love it!

Global Indicators

Being able to have a numerical vision of the work you do is a key piece in any company. TalentSuite provides you with a series of global indicators so that you can quantify your volume of work and even be able to make strategic decisions based on them.