Evaluating talent has never been so easy

TalentSuite is an all-in-one tool that will help you to manage and perform assessments of professionals like never before.



Our software is different to the rest. TalentSuite has been designed and created so that you can dedicate yourself to what really matters: assessing people. Leave the rest to us.



In TalentSuite, you have everything you need within your reach. Tests, exercises, feedback, results, reports... All a click away and with a simple and intuitive interface.



This makes us unique. TalentSuite is not just a software, you will also have a human team behind you to customize and configure your process the way you want.

Our software

Talent Assessment
for everyone.

TalentSuite is the Talent management software with which you will be able to perform all kinds of processes in the field of human resources. Defined and designed by you.

With TalentSuite you will be able to carry out selection, certification, and validation processes, assessment centres, level tests, role assessments and 360º assessments, or, more generally, any kind of process that involves assessing and managing talent through skills, expertise or indicators.

You set the limits!


One participant administration hub

When we say that using TalentSuite is easy, there’s a reason. You will have access to all information and functionalities for assessing your participants from one single place. Send test links, assess, write reports, access the videoconference room, visualize the results, download all your technical documentation… It’s all within your reach!


Skills assessment

An assessment which is composed of different tests and that potentially has a set deadline or time limit, it can end up being a chaotic mess for the evaluator. We try to completely streamline the experience for you. With TalentSuite you will be able to mark and add observations to all the skills or items that YOU have selected. In an ordered way, through tests, and always with the support of texts such as the skills dictionary, the observable evidence list or any other information that you consider is necessary to make the evaluator feel comfortable.


Reports in 3, 2, 1...

They are the result of any assessment process and are usually the most tedious task for the HR consultant. With TalentSuite you won’t have to worry about anything, you will only have to write qualitative comments (if you want to). The tool takes care of the numerical results, graphics and even the report’s design, which will always be tailored to you.

You will decide the qualitative fields that you want to insert, the report’s style and colours, the content, pages and practically everything.

Our technical team will design the report so that you, with just a “click”, can then create an unlimited number and download them in PDF format.

How we work

The TalentSuite Experience

Software is a significant part of the user experience, and our programmers do everything they can to make it stand out.

But TalentSuite also has a human aspect: our experts and support team.  The “TalentSuite Experience” can be summed up in these four steps.

Explain your process to us

Tell us what your assessment process consists of. What tests or exercises you have. What do you want to measure... tell us everything.

Send us the documentation

You do not have to set anything up; we do it for you. We only need you to send us all of the necessary documentation and materials to create your assessment process. The format? Whatever you want!

Let’s get to work

Our technical team will set up and create your process in TalentSuite. They will transform your documents and materials into a unique experience that’s totally personalized to you.

Time to assess!

The time has arrived: the first people to assess. Your consultants will have all the necessary support and training so that your processes are a success.

Prices and Plans

We have personalized plans and prices for all types of projects

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We know that we’re doing things well when we read these kinds of comments.

Sonia Rodríguez

Change Consultant

TalentSuite is a very useful tool for managing the assessment of people in selection processes, job certification, talent detection and development programs. Agile, efficient and effective.

Assessment Participant

Audi After Sales Manager

For me, this absolutely new way of doing the assessment has been a prime example of how to place importance on the human and technological factor. Additionally, it strengthened my impression of the seriousness of the Volkswagen Group.

Julián Martínez

Founding Partner of Alpimacar, S.L.

TalentSuite has perfectly adapted to what we need in an effective and professional manner and with an exceptional and fast personalized service. It has been a real pleasure working with them and a real discovery. We will rely on them for more projects with complete confidence.

Daniel Rodríguez

HR Consultant

I have worked with TalentSuite for many years performing assessments for knowledge, skill and competence assessments of business networks, and I have to say that the experience is excellent, from the point of view of the evaluator and the participant, as well as for its intuitive use, extensive functionalities and customization possibilities. Without a doubt, […]

Beatriz Fernández

Consultant HR/Training

I had the opportunity to work with TalentSuite in our HR department in selection processes and the Assessment Centre. Totally adapted to our needs and very intuitive. I would also highlight the expertise that they have in the field of HR, which is why they speak the same language. Another very important point for me […]

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