Press specialized in HR gives its opinion of TalentSuite

If the specialised media are talking about us, it is because we are doing something good.

Press excerpts:

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“On the one hand, we find generic integrated management software, such as those offered by SAP or Libra, with human resources modules in which different assessment and talent management processes can be included, which, despite being a good alternative, usually entail a cost of implementation by the IT department and their options are somewhat limited. On the other hand, we find specific software such as TalentSuite, from the Spanish company OrigamiSoft, which allows the management and implementation of Assessment Centres and all kinds of assessment processes for professionals such as selection processes, certification, validation, level tests, performance assessment or 360º assessment; all in real time, with immediate results and automatic report generation. Furthermore, most of the solutions offered by these companies are customisable and can be adapted to the needs and processes of each company, which translates into savings in time and money for their clients and greater efficiency and precision in their processes. “
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“Tasks that used to take hours, such as transferring the results of a test, usually to Excel or similar software, delivering them to all participants, or writing reports, can now be done instantaneously through these modules. In addition to the time saved by automating these tasks, there is also the precision and professionalism that this type of technology brings to the processes; margins of error are reduced and objectivity is increased. Large multinationals from different sectors, with very large volumes of employees, have been the first to test these solutions. One example is the VW Group and its use of TalentSuite software from OrigamiSoft. The favourable results, in this and similar cases, have served to encourage other companies to make the leap to these new technologies. Today, both large and small companies work with this specific software in their human resources departments.
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“The same is true in the field of human resources, one of the fields that has most abused the use of Excel in recent years. Although no one can deny that Microsoft software remains deeply rooted among teams in this and other sectors, the truth is that tools such as SAP, Libra or TalentSuite, all of them software that range from more generic to more specific and that make it possible to manage all kinds of HR-related processes (personnel selection, certification, talent validation, etc.) in real time and in a personalized way, are becoming more and more widespread.

Success Story: TalentSuite & Audi

“OrigamiSoft, through its TalentSuite platform, has helped Audi to put a new digitalized assessment process in place.”

TalentSuite, the Assessment Centre software that is “Made in Spain”

“It software has a track record of more than nine years and 4,000 assessments behind it.”

Alpimacar and TalentSuite join forces to provide service to IVECO

“The Alpimacar consultancy has decided to use the TalentSuite software developed and marketed by OrigamiSoft to provide service to IVECO.”