Create premium assessment experiences by customizing your process.

These are the tests and exercises that you will be able to set up for your assessment process.

And if none of them fit, we can develop the bespoke test that you want.


Knowledge Test

This is the test par excellence for measuring the degree of knowledge that an individual holds. It is a single or multiple choice test, depending on how it is set up. What’s more, it allows you to include any type of multimedia material (videos, images, audios) to enrich the exam as much as possible.


Written Exercise

Written exercise (free text) in which the participant must answer a series of questions, problems or hypothetical situations. They will have a set amount of time to analyse and think about their answers. It also allows the assessment of written expression, spelling, etc.


Oral Exercises

Oral exercises defined by you, in which, through conversations, interviews or questions, personal or professional skills or any other type of indicators can be analysed and scored. Some examples of oral exercises can be: Role Play, Interview, Business Plan, Case Study, Video Interview, etc. You set the limits!


Digital Skills Test

This test seeks to determine the degree of technological knowledge of certain ICT skills. Our test is based on the European Framework of Digital Competences for Citizenship (DigComp). The framework provides the detailed description of all the skills needed to be competent in digital environments.


Self-perception Questionnaire

A test that must be performed by the participant about the perception they have of themself. Thanks to this test, they will have the opportunity to perform an introspection and self-reflection task allowing them to discover in an autonomous and personal way their strengths and areas for improvement. This test does not mark the results of the process. It belongs to the “Self-assessment and Reflection” group of tests.


Drag & Drop Exercise

“Drag and drop” exercise in which the participant must select a series of processes or tasks related to the job position.


Group Dynamics

Group oral exercise in which two or more participants question, hold a dialogue on or debate a chosen topic. It allows you to assess participants’ spontaneity and improvisation.


Personality and Psychometric Tests

Different types of tests to try to clarify how the participant responds to problems, incidents, rules, procedures or social relationships. They can also help to learn about the participant’s behaviour in the workplace. We offer more than 30 different psychometric tests.


Third-party Perception

Same test as the Self-perception test but written in third person so that it is performed by a manager, colleague, coordinator, someone in a superior position, etc. Ideal for 360º assessments. This will help both the participant and the Evaluator know how they are perceived in their job roles and their day-to-day.


Satisfaction Questionnaire

A survey, without any impact on the mark or results, which will serve to assess the participant’s satisfaction level regarding the process being carried out, as well as other relevant data for improving service.


English Level Test

In this English level test the participant will have to solve a test with three blocks of 10 questions each: Grammar, Listening and Reading. The participant’s grammatical level and aural and reading comprehension will be assessed with this test.



If all the tests, exercises and quizzes offered by TalentSuite aren’t enough, we can always design and develop a customized exercise for you. TalentSuite is a software that evolves and adapts to you.