TalentSuite - The software for your assessments

The ultimate solution for your assessments

Create your own tailor-made online assessments, with infinite possibilities - you set the limits!

Assessment without limits

TalentSuite is the assessment software of Talent with which you will be able to carry out all types of assessments and examinations quickly, specifically and professionally. 

With TalentSuite you can define and implement your own evaluations for selection, certification, validation, assessment centre, level test, performance evaluation, 360º assessment or in general, any kind of process that involves assessing talent through competencies, knowledge or indicators. 

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Have you had these problems?

Inefficient tools and processes

Endless reports, calculations and manual processes, waste of time, outdated image.

Repetitive tasks

Manually share tests or exercises, attach files, update documentation, layout reports.

Information loss

Having information spread across different tools, folders and documents, making it difficult to locate and duplicating data.

Manual processes and archaic software

Working with Excel files, use of paper that ends up misplaced and out of date, proneness to human error.

Exercises and tests designed by and for you

TalentSuite has a wide range of possibilities for you to carry out the assessments your company needs. And if something doesn't exist, we create it for you.

What TalentSuite can do for you?

Save time

Functions such as automatic report generation, simplified data management, automated test or exercise submission and the unification of the entire evaluation process in a single place can make it possible to save up to 40% of your time

Simplify your work

Orderly working procedures, facilitating the work of the HR consultant and making the evaluation of professionals more agile and intuitive. In addition, TalentSuite assisting junior team members, greatly reducing training times.

Boost your brand image

Improve the image you project to your customers and users. TalentSuite is the only talent assessment software, which allows for so much customisation.

White label with your logo

You can use it with your logo as your own corporate tool.

Reporting in your own style

You will be able to continue using your existing report design.

Tailor-made exercises

You can have your own 100% customised exercises, just the way you want them!

Some features of TalentSuite

TalentSuite is unique. We have dozens of features that will make your work much easier. Save on worries managing all your HR tasks as you would have never imagined.

Multiple Evaluators and Observers

Share and invite whoever you want to play the role of evaluator - there's no limit!

A multitude of different tests and exercises

Set up a variety of different tests and exercises. And that's not enough, our team will create them for you.

Tailor-made report design

Use our standard templates, or if you prefer, use your own design.

Competences and assessment criteria defined by you

Set up your dictionary of competences, your scale and criteria. Feel comfortable.





If you use it, you won't want to change

TalentSuite has been helping companies digitise their assessments and evaluations for years. Thousands of people and hundreds of evaluators endorse our product. Do you want to be next?

Béatrice Martín

Resp. Training (automotive company)

"Knowing the competencies and skills of our employees was the trigger that led us to launch a new digitalised assessment process with TalentSuite, in a simple and attractive environment for those who participate in it".

Much more than software for assessments

This is what our clients say about TalentSuite.
And we are very proud of that.

6 reasons why you need TalentSuite

You need to generate quick reports and optimise time.
You need a wide range of tests and exercises that no other system can give you.
You want to implement new functionalities to your assessments and you can't.
You want to convey an innovative image to your clients or assessed professionals.
You need your assessments to have more privacy or security control.
You want to have absolutely everything in one place, where the whole team can access it.