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Distributor Program

Distributing TalentSuite is an excellent business opportunity for those working in the HR and talent assessment sector.

Distributor program of TalentSuite

We present you our distributor program of TalentSuite, which will allow you to find new business opportunities in the Human Resources sector.

We have a great deal of experience collaborating with other professionals in the world of HR consulting.

In addition, we have a completely proprietary technology and you will be able to know in depth our product and the customer implementation process.

We are looking for distributors who have experience in the HR and talent assessment world. Whether freelancers or companies, we are seeking to establish synergies and create mutual value.

Becoming a distributor is free of charge and you will have access to very favourable commercial conditions, as well as to a good business opportunity, as the sale of our management system, TalentSuite, creates customer loyalty for life.

You will have very good commercial margins, scalable depending on the operations
You will get a commission for each sale made
You will build customer loyalty, earning long-term recurring revenue
You will receive commercial, technical and training support from us
You will complement your professional services with the sale of a unique software on the market
You can use your own brand and distribute it as a corporate tool

Interested in the distributor program?

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