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AI Feedback

Save up to 50% of your reporting time with our AI-based functionality.

Save time with the intelligent feedback

Are you tired of spending hours writing reports? Would you like to find a more efficient way of doing it?

We have a solution for you. TalentSuite now has a new functionality of artificial intelligence that will allow you to write reports in less time and with greater precision.

This AI functionality allows you to create professional evaluation reports by using algorithms and models with natural language.

This means that TalentSuite will be able to provide you with text automatically, saving time and effort in report writing.

How can help me?

TalentSuite uses a natural language model that has been trained on thousands of professional assessment reports. The AI analyses all the data provided in the assessment (competencies, dictionary, results, annotations, scales, etc...) and automatically generates an accurate and consistent report text, with the possibility of being modified, validated and adapted by you.

There is no additional cost for using TalentSuite's artificial intelligence functionality. It is included in the regular subscription to the application.

One example, better than a thousand words