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TalentSuite is a tool multipurpose with which you can carry out various processes for the evaluation of people and professionals. Below we propose 6 examples of processes that you could carry out with TalentSuite, but remember: the process is tailor-made for you, so there are endless configuration possibilities

Certification Process

This is a procedure by which a company or body guarantees, by means of a document certifying that a professional meets the specified and necessary requirements for a job.

Suggested tests:

Validation Process

Validation is an internal company process in which a review of employees is carried out in terms of their competence profile and capabilities to fulfil a task required by the organisation.

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Selection Process

The purpose of this process is to select suitable candidates for a job. The aim is, through a series of tests, to recruit and select new staff.

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Level Test

The Level Test will allow you to analyse and find out the level of knowledge of a whole team of professionals. It allows you to obtain a global ranking and even analyse deficiencies in order to subsequently introduce training plans. It can also be used for motivational corporate competitions and awards.

Suggested tests:

Performance Assessment

It is a type of evaluation to determine the quality of the work performed by a professional versus the results obtained. It allows to measure work performance and establish a series of objectives, commitments and actions, in order to improve. Feedback from the evaluator and multiple sessions spaced over time are essential to ensure success.

Suggested tests:

360º Evaluation

It is an evaluation measured from all angles, carried out by all the people or professionals who have contact with the employee. The results are obtained from the feedback given by their professional environment: superiors, subordinates, clients, collaborators and colleagues.

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