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Case Study: TalentSuite & AUDI

"OrigamiSoft, through its TalentSuite platform, has helped Audi to implement a new digitalised assessment process."

TalentSuite, el software para los Assessment Center "Made in Spain"

"Their software has a track record of more than 9 years and more than 4,000 assessments behind it".

Alpimacar and TalentSuite join forces to provide service to IVECO

"The consultancy Alpimacar has decided to use the TalentSuite software developed and marketed by OrigamiSoft to service IVECO".

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Digitalisation: the decisive weapon for HR departments

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«On the other hand, we find specific software such as TalentSuite, from the Spanish company OrigamiSoft, which allows the management and implementation of Assessment Centres and all kinds of assessment processes for professionals such as selection processes, certification, validation, level tests, performance assessment or 360º assessment; all in real time, with immediate results and automatic report generation. "
AI is incorporated into TalentSuite Assessments

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«In this context, TalentSuite is investigating the incorporation of the artificial intelligence (AI) in their assessments to adapt the software of talent assessment to the current demands of the talent managers and the human resources areas of companies, allowing all kinds of customised evaluations to be carried out.«
Optimising processes and saving time, the workhorse of HR departments
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«One example is the case of the VW Group and its commitment to software TalentSuite by the company OrigamiSoft. The favourable results, in this and similar cases, have served to encourage other companies to make the leap to these new technologies. »
What are the advantages of conducting online assessments with TalentSuite?

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«This software es capaz de elaborar detailed reports, only with automatic analysis of the results of the exercises and tests carried out by the candidates, unifying the entire evaluation process in one place. This means a time savings of up to 40 %, this speeds up the recruitment process, especially for companies that need staff urgently»

Alternatives to the Excel 'cell'
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"The same is true in the field of one of the fields that has seen the greatest abuse of Excel in recent years. Although no one can deny that Microsoft software remains deeply rooted among teams in this and other sectors, the truth is that tools such as SAP, Libra or TalentSuite are increasingly gaining ground"
Talent assessment revolutionised by new AI-based TalentSuite feature

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«TalentSuite's technology is based on artificial intelligence, which makes possible the automated writing,in addition to saving time, this TalentSuite functionality offers detailed and highly accurate reports, simplifying the work of the evaluators, who must review the final result and adapt the evaluation to the needs of the client feedback generated by the tool."

TalentSuite, the choice of large companies and multinationals to assess their talent

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«The business sector's confidence in this tool is due to its effectiveness in identifying the potential of its employees and developing training and capacity building programmes that enable them to reach their maximum performance. This has resulted in multinational companies such as Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, CUPRA y Skoda choose TalentSuite as their software of talent assessment."